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Monday, 28 December 2020

Which can be the best Operating System for My PC;

Ejaz ullah


Which can be the best Operating System for My PC;

image source-Google//Source: Microsoft

Microsoft is planned to give a great surprise for its users. Yeah! Its very cool to hear that Our PC’s will now get a better version this year. Microsoft has been a very competitive company interms of making new and latest technology based products. Microsoft has always invested in better future and its products always brought an amazing change in the world of technology.

Microsoft windows has been a great change in the world of computers. It brought modernism in operating computers. It had changed each and every thing in the world computer. Windows is entirely used by the world. Its very user friendly and secure operating system. its not coasty that much so every one  an by it easily.

As I specified above that  Microsoft always invests in those which can give a better future to us, So it will not true if I say Microsoft is not planning for 2021 whereas Apple had announced its new version of Mac Os. , because it has been noticed that Apple and Microsoft both had challenged each other in their bright past. So as in our last article we published that Apple announced its new version Mac OS bigsur, therefore it can be said that Microsoft will also launch its product in early 2021.

And we had the news that Microsoft has decided to reinvest in Windows10 to brought some spectacular changing.  The name Microsoft has decided to give this advancement is “Sun Valley”.

Windows had brought little changes in its last versions but it is said the most massive change in windows versions. The sun valley project is spearheaded by all Windows devices. So its not a term to worry that “Does my PC will run this or not”.

What can be expected?

image source-Google: Microsoft

Shortly after breaking this news Microsoft further clarified that this massive project will bring some massive changes in this world and finally our PC’s will get some new changes after a long period of time.

On an answer to a question MR Panos Panay, the product officer said that, “ this product ‘Sun valley’ is the best operating system you ever seen in your past”.

We can expect:

1.       More security.

2.       Fast operation

3.       Best graphics

4.       Best resolution

5.       Easily and user friendly system

6.       Easy setup

7.       Latest and updated Themes

               ……………..Stay with us and stay tuned………..  

Friday, 25 December 2020

The latest version of The best operating system For Apple PC’s

Ejaz ullah


The latest version of The best operating system For Apple                                                          PC’s

image source-Google/ image byhttps://www.theguardian.com/

Apple, the legendry Electrical gadgets making company has just launch its new version of Operating system for its computers.

Viewers we all know better that Apple company never led its gadgets to relay on any other operating systems, but it has its own. This is because the architecture of the gadgets made by Apple cannot work in any other Operating system. The Mac Operating system is made only for the Apple gadgets.

Mac OS is well known for its security assurance, system supporting, user friendly features which include siri, a natural voice personal assistant, face time Apple video calling application, and fast processing systems. Apple Mac OS is basically a sucessor of the popular OS X, which runs only  on the Apple laptos and desktops.

Apple believes in learning from failure, the bright past of Apple is witness that it has always learned from its mistake althouh it makes mistakes very fewer but still learns from it and serve its users in best way, and I think because of this the users of Apple are very happy from it and Apple is the NO1 Digital electronic selling company of the world.

So it can be expected that in this version there may be something new and interesting.

What is new?

image source-Google/ image byhttps://www.theguardian.com/

Mac OS 11 big sur: Apple is just officially released mac OS 11 bigsur for Mac’s and mac books as usual. MacOS 11big sur is bringing some measure and exciting changes over its last version mac catlinia. According to the senior VP “Craig Federigi” of Software engineering department macOS 11bg sur is designed to work better on the Apples new M1 chip. Due to creation of this chip the user can directly use Mac Os, simply there is low risk of pirating this OS and high security is a gained taken as the important circumstance.

Features : lets discuss the features brought by this version.

Firstly SAFARI is improved in this version and according to Apple its now much faster then Google Chrome, and even the much secure then the previous version, Well this can be a good news for some users.

The second most important changing is “improvement of control center on Mac: previously it was much difficult for users to change their desired setting on mac which is now being solves by macOS 11big sur.

And this was all for you in this article join us in the oter ones too.



Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Microsoft surface pro x full review 2020

Ejaz ullah


microsoft surface pro x full review 2020

 A new Generation “ARM laptops”

Its good to inform you again that a new technology trend is roaming around now a days. It’s a great technology advancement  and much supportive. It can be a good news for the tech lovers and social media users specially freelancers.

So join us in this article because we are gonna tell what 2020 gave us in a very shirt period of time.

Dears we all are well aware that the technology is increasing day by day and its users are also increasing so the demand of digital gadgets is increasing. This demand has created a very high level competition among different companies. Every company wants a high trade of their gadgets so they are bringing new advance gadgets into the market.

And in this article we will discuss “ MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO(X). friends Microsoft is one of the most competitive companies in the world. More then the half of the world is using the gadgets made by Microsoft, and specially the windows operating system is well known for all of us. Microsoft is well known for its user friendly gadgets.

So, lets discuss today's gadget.

We are discussing  MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO(X). 

its actually a new generation laptop designed by Microsoft. This gadget has following characteristics:

Display: it has a marvelous display screen of 13pixelsenseTM ,2880*1920(267ppi) 3:2 aspect ratio, with 10 point multi-touch.

Storage: MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO(X) is providing a facility of choosing storage for your gadget. Its providing 128GB,256GB,and 512 GB.

Memory: and off-course its providing choice of memory weather the user wants 8GB or 16GB.

Battery life: MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO(X) is providing a long battery life of 5039mAH, 15 hours of usage.

Weight: its very light in weight. You cant even imagine that it has only a weight of 774 Gram.

Colors: Microsoft is providing this device in three brilliant color collections 1. Mattel black, 2. Platinum.

And at last but not least we’ll discuss the web camera of this device. so let me tell you that MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO(X) has  an excellent web-camera with zooming power.

Price: $999.99

So guys we hope that this article is much informative for you so kindly comment us in comment section and if you want much information regarding new tech then follow this blog.✌

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Monday, 21 December 2020

Nokia upcoming android smartphone 2021

Ejaz ullah


Nokia upcoming smartphone 2021

image source-Google/ image byC. Scott Brown / @c_scottbrown

New tech info is going to break the news today that “What will be the World of smart phones in 2021????”

                     Get in touch and stay tuned

So, what we were talking about was “NOKIA 9.2 pure view 5G”

We are well aware that “NOKIA” has been a very competitive phone selling brand from last many years. The battery life, expanded memory, and the body figure make the phones of this company unique. 

The users of this brand are also happy due to its indelibility. The other thing that makes NOKIA unique and effective is user friendly systems of NOKIA .It’s that much user friendly that any person can easily use this phone.

image source-Google/ image byC. Scott Brown / @c_scottbrown

Let me tell you the features of the upcoming smartphone 2021, {please continue reading}

Memory: RAM= 6GB/8GB :LPPDDR4X

                  ROM/Internal storage 64GB/128GB/256GB

Display: pure display V3, 6.9QHD+pOLED

               120HZ screen refresh rate.

               Resolution 2k HD

Body: Aluminum frame and Glass body

Sensors: there are two types of sensors

1.      In screen sensors; finger print + ALS/PS + G sensors + E compass + Barometer + Hepatic vibrator.

2.      No any external sensor.

Camera: Rear cameras module with Zeiss optics

Battery: 4500mAH

Charging: Qi wireless charging

     COASTS:   the news is breaking only by “newtchinfo10.blogspot.com” the NOKIA9.2 coasts PKR 1, 35000

So the ones who are interested in buying mobile phones or even selling them it could be a great news for them and we as team want to suggest them that follow us so that we could eaisly help them..




Sunday, 20 December 2020

How we can make our everyday life easier by using science and technology:

Ejaz ullah


How we can make our everyday life easier by using science and technology:


Science has played an important role to make latest technologies for the comfort of our everyday life it is really everywhere, making our life better and easier every day.  By the advancement of science the companies are made latest technological products, we use these products to fulfill our basic needs of our daily lives. Science has had impact on everything like in health, education, technology and much more.

Due to the advancement of science, there is approximately millions of product that are innovated in each year. Here are some products that we use in our everyday lives by using science to aid our everyday lives.


image source-Google/ image by-

Science has always had a very strong impact on our everyday food. It is important to take healthy foods. With the help of science and technology we can make artificial sweeteners and fat free oils within at our home.  We can make a simple ice cube at our home by using tech products.  We can even count calorie on every food product with the help of science. There are many basic products of tech that we use for cooking as well we use them to store our males for next hours or even for a day.

Leisure products that make our lives easier:

image source-Google/ image by-https://unsplash.com/@lagopett

One of the best innovations of science is smart phone; this is the basic necessity of every person in this era.  The second thing is the innovation of internet; this too is the basic necessity in every single aspect of life. With the help of these things we can make our life much easier and comfort. Internet is the most favorite past time today. Many people are making money through internet and engaging into different activities to entertain themselves. Boredom has gone away from our lives; there are many other products that we use to entertain ourselves like music players, watching television, playing latest games on different gaming machines. Thanks to advancement of science that make our lives much easier than our grandparents.


image source-Google/ image by-https://unsplash.com/@nci

Machine is all about science, the scientific products that help us to understanding the sickness and health. We use machines to check the smallest illness in our body at our home. We don’t need to visit our doctor for small illness however we can check and control the illness quickly at our home. There are many antibiotics that we use to treatment of infectious diseases.  Scanning and testing products has been invented to diagnose of illness.

The blood pressure checker and thermometer are the best machine that will keep in the first aid box of every house hold is the invention of science.


Television, laptop, mobile phones are use to be update with sport. We can stay update with sports news including the latest details within seconds. There are many kinds of equipments we can get training by using these equipments and make ourselves a great boost. We can connect with our favorite athletes and sport celebrities through social media and can get help to make ourselves better in the field of sport.

All these innovations in each field make our lives much easier.


Friday, 18 December 2020

Best wireless security cameras for 2021[outdoor cam]

Ejaz ullah


Best wireless security cameras in 2021

image source-Google/ image by-https://www.pinterest.com/pin/738168195148982533/

Security is very important in this world. We need security at our home as well as at office. As a defender we use many technologies to protect ourselves and our precious things. People use latest technologies to decrease the scope of defection and the attackers also use technologies to increase it. It is important to all societies to implement New Technologies in their lives for better security. 

Here are some best wireless security cameras 0f 2021 which can be use in indoor and outdoor.

1.    Arlo Pro  security camera

image source-Google/ image by-https://smartrobotichome.com/arlo-pro-vs-arlo-pro-2-differences/

The Alro Pro is the best security camera of 2021 because one of its best features is that it works with Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple home kit.  This is the best choice for your security at home or at office. It captures 2k clear videos any time of day and it is 100% wireless design. The Arlo pro security camera needs a base station, for this it requires more than one camera. This make little bit cost however it balances it out if you need more than one camera.

2.    Ring stick up camera

This is the second best security camera of our list that you need to secure your life. This is also 100% wire free, so you easily put it in indoor or outdoor.  Its cost around $100 making it affordable for everyone;


·         Indoor outdoor capability

·         Motion activated sensor

·         Alexa similarity


3.wyze cam pan  security camera

This is another best security camera for you; the Wyze Cam Pan can scan the entire room in just three seconds. This Cam Pan can scan the area automatically. This camera’s motion is also cool it follow all the actions of your baby or dog and capture all the actions in just a second.


·         Cheap price

·         Smart motion tracking

·         Free rolling fourteen days clout storage

·         It saves small 12 seconds clips for up to 14 days

·         Full length videos clips

4.Google Nest Cam IQ indoor  security camera

image source-Google/ image by Rachel Cericola

The Google Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera is best for its images, video and sound quality.  This camera is doing double duty so it is not important to buy as many smart speakers for your home. It has a person alert quality so when an unknown person inter in your home it will alert you.


·         Best video quality

·         Compatibility with Google Assistant and other Nest product

·         Video recording if you sing up for a monthly subscription is a big downer.







Sunday, 13 December 2020

5 best Google products that have made our lives easier

Ejaz ullah

5 best Google products that have made our lives easier.

Thanks to Google that made our lives easier by coming out with their new gadgets. Here are some Google products that you may like and use them in your lives for more comfort.

1.     Google pixel wired USB-C Earbuds

This small and beautiful gadget of Google is used to translate the languages as well as for listening music. It has a dedicated button for retrieve the Google assistant. One of its best features is that it translates 40 different languages in real time. It has many other key features like good sound quality and comfy fit.

2.     Google nest hub smart display

The Google nest hub smart display is the most and popular home product. it has 7 inches touch screen which enable you to interact with Google assistant, you can ask this device to play YouTube videos.

It has many features however one of its best feature is that it sync with your albums on Google photos and it display the photos when not in use

3.     Google Nest hello door bell

The Google Nest Hello video door bell is the most important product for everyone in this era. If you are away from home and want to keep eye at your home than this device is best option for you. It allows you to keep an eye at your front door in high resolution. It will alert you when someone is at your door even it noted your family members and friends and relatives. This helpful gadget has a night vision capabilities too.

4.     Google Nest Wifi Router

The Google Nest WIFI Router is wireless network which access speed internet connection from 2200 square feet. You can easily set and manage this device from Google home app. You can connect multiple devices.

5.     Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

The Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera is best for your home security it scan faces. This Google gadget will inform you if there’s any stranger in your home. The Cam IQ has 4k HDR capable sensor, it will zoom automatically toward the object and capture the full HD picture with good result.



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